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Cigna announces a strategic alliance with Expediter Corporation...
Through a strategic alliance with Expediter Corporation, CIGNA makes telecommuting arrangements for workers with long-term disabilities who cannot return to their pre-injury jobs. Expediter Corporation has been providing nation-wide innovative return-to-work solutions for injured and disabled individuals since 1990. Expediter is able to customize its proven programs to exceed clientsí objectives in every case by providing employment opportunities in 98% of cases, regardless of the individualís location, injury, or disability. Injured or disabled individuals may continue to work for their time of injury employer, or for a new employer, and can work from home if that is the best option for the situation. Expediterís telecommuting programs have proven to help people return to work up to four times faster than typical return-to-work programs, often allowing employees to return to work immediately.

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Expediterís home-based telework program, ahead of its time!

The U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy identified examples of accommodations that have helped employees with psychiatric disabilities to more effectively perform their jobs. Some of the most effective workplace accommodations include:

  • Flexible Workplace:

    Telecommuting and/or working from home.

  • Scheduling:

    Part-time hours, job sharing, adjustments in the start or end of work hours, compensation time and/or "make up" of missed time.

  • Leave:

    Sick leave for reasons related to mental health, flexible use of vacation time, additional unpaid or administrative leave for treatment or recovery, leaves of absence and/or use of occasional leave (a few hours at a time) for therapy and other related appointments.

  • Breaks:

    Breaks according to individual needs rather than a fixed schedule, more frequent breaks and/or greater flexibility in scheduling breaks, provision of backup coverage during breaks, and telephone breaks during work hours to call professionals and others needed for support.

  • Other Policies:

    Beverages and/or food permitted at workstations, if necessary, to mitigate the side effects of medications, on-site job coaches.


Expediter Corporation, the national leader in returning injured individuals to work has been providing these accommodations to all program participants for years.

In addition to those listed above, Expediter has always provided state of the art accommodations that are vocationally and medically recommended to help program participants succeed in their return to work.

Expediter has registered over 30 employers to participate in hiring persons with disabilities to telework from home. The number continues to grow!

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"I had given up on all other traditional job development efforts and felt that this case was hopeless. Nothing worked... until I called Expediter!... Thanks to the Expedited Employment® program, my client was working within 4 weeks."

-Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Michigan